Oded School

Oded Waldorf School is located in the pastoral village of Yodfat in Northern Israel.  It is a regional, experimental, elementary school, recognized by the Israel Ministry of Education. 
Oded was initiated by a group of parents who were seeking an alternative education style for their children. They believed that a Waldorf education would answer their children’s developmental needs. In the fall of 2003, with the support of the Misgav Regional Council and the Ministry of Education, Oded Waldorf School opened its doors to a group of first graders. 
Today Oded serves students in Pre-K through 8th grade. As a regional school, Oded is the educational home to children from many villages and settlements in the Misgav Region. Until now, most graduates continued their high-school education at Harduf Waldorf High School in the Jezreel Valley, but it was always part of the dream to grow Oded into a Pre-K through 12th-grade school. Recently, Oded received a permit from the Ministry of Education to plan and build a high school!

About Waldorf Education and The Oded School’s Educational Philosophy:

The Oded School ascribes to the Waldorf educational philosophy known as Anthroposophy, which is based upon the developmental psychology of Rudolf Steiner. Its pedagogy strives to develop students’ intellectual, artistic, and practical skills in a holistic manner. The daily curriculum integrates traditional learning with art, social interactions, physical activity and life skills. 
Waldorf Education was established in Europe 100 years ago. Today it is well known and practiced in many schools around the world. Every country and community uniquely adapts Anthroposophy to their local culture. 
At Oded we connect to our heritage through the celebration of Jewish holidays and life-cycle events. We do this with attention and sensitivity to the diverse local communities surrounding us, striving to achieve new understandings that reflect the challenges of modern times. 

Our School Community

Oded Waldorf School was initiated and established by a community of parents, and parents continue to be an important part of daily life and the heart of the school. The staff and teachers view parents and families as partners on their children’s educational path, and view the broader community as a core component of the organizational and social structure of the school. 
With the support and guidance of the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Education (אגף מו״פ), Oded Waldorf School has developed a rigorous curriculum aimed to support each student’s growth and development on various levels. Social-emotional learning, handwork and somatic learning are taught alongside academic subjects. Students are taught self-empowerment, personal responsibility, and social skills, and are given emotional support as needed. School projects always relate to nature and community, and student creations are often used for the good of the greater community. 
At Oded, we are devoted to supporting each student in finding their unique life path, and envision our graduates as responsible and caring global citizens.